Have you found a swarm of honeybees? Please contact one of us! If you contact Tracey or Sara with all the details, they will attempt to contact others on this list for you in every effort to remove the swarm.

NamePhoneAreas Covered
Tracey Carriker(828) 493-0689Caldwell & Western Burke Counties
Sara Kennedy(952) 334-1014Caldwell & Western Burke Counties
Mack Whiteside(828) 850-2497Caldwell County
Edwin Miller(828) 474-0223Caldwell County
Travis Sholar(704) 564-3089Caldwell County
Amy Sholar(704) 996-2615Caldwell County
Ron Cifu(845)987-2740Collettsville
Major Wright(828) 514-8009Happy Valley
Mitch Mast(828) 781-5071Caldwell County
Matt Wilson(828) 455-0168Caldwell County
Ken Cassidy(828) 381-8411Caldwell County
Bud Faw(828) 493-2070Patterson
Joe Miller(828) 396-2891Granite Falls

***Any swarms in Burke County, please contact Robert Smith with Burke County Beekeepers Association.  He will contact members on their list. 

Robert Smith (828) 261-5210.

Swarming is a natural part of the honey bee life cycle: it is how the colony reproduces. Most swarming occurs in the spring, but swarms can occasionally be found at other times of the year. A large portion of the bees in the hive, including a queen, will all leave the hive together. After leaving the hive, a swarm will land in a cluster to rest while scout bees search for a new place to live. Many beekeepers are happy to collect a clustered swarm and house them in their own hive. Removing bees from an established colony in a house or other human structure is a more specialized skill.